Bay Area: Los Altos

Here are some of the rides that we enjoy in our scenic state of California.

Our route sheets are free for non-profit use. You may use them for exploring on your own or for leading rides for local clubs such as the Western Wheelers or ACTC.

The route sheets are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading PDF files, you can download it free from Adobe's Web site.

Please practice bicycling street smarts. Wear a helmet, ride safely, obey traffic laws, and courteously share the road. Be a good ambassador for cycling. Thanks, and enjoy!

— Steve & Cheryl

Twisty Road sign Bike Slip sign Caution: These routes are designed for fit and experienced cyclists who enjoy challenging climbs and technical descents on mountain roads. Some of the roads are steep, twisty, rough, and obstacle-laden, with no bike lanes, negligible shoulders, blind curves, and dangerous auto traffic.

Start/Finish Ride Distance
Shoup ParkGodetia, Lakeview332,1001.21
Shoup ParkOld La Honda (E), Old La Honda (W)363,2301.70
Shoup ParkOld La Honda (E), Skeggs Point373,3501.72
Shoup ParkOld La Honda (E), Alpine (W)414,6702.16
Shoup ParkOld La Honda (E), Pescadero, Alpine (W)656,1701.80
Shoup ParkKings Mtn, CaƱada453,5701.50
Shoup ParkKings Mtn, Old La Honda (W)443,9401.70
Shoup ParkKings Mtn, Alpine (W), Mt. Eden635,9901.80
Shoup ParkKings Mtn, Pescadero, Alpine (W)756,9001.74
Shoup ParkMoody, Golden Oak, Joaquin, Westridge, Godetia, Lakeview575,2101.73
Shoup ParkMoody, Sand Hill281,9301.31
Shoup ParkMoody, Page Mill, Hwy 84, Old La Honda (W)434,5101.99
Shoup ParkPage Mill, Mt. Eden363,6701.93
Shoup ParkTour de Skyline625,1401.57
Shoup ParkRedwood Gulch, Bohlman, On Orbit, Toll Gate, Mt. Eden, Montebello486,5302.58
Shoup ParkRedwood Gulch, Sanborn, Bohlman variation, On Orbit, Toll Gate, Mt. Eden, Montebello527,0702.58
Shoup ParkPeach Hill, Kennedy-Shannon453,1201.31
Shoup ParkPeach Hill, Kennedy-Shannon,
Shoup ParkPeach Hill, Kennedy-Shannon,
Hicks (W), Hicks (E)
Shoup ParkPeach Hill, Kennedy-Shannon,
Hicks (W), Mt. Umunhum, Hicks (E)

STOP sign STOP sign Be safe! Make a good impression! Set a good example!
Remember that STOP signs apply to cyclists as well as motorists.
Make a full stop and earn some respect as a legitimate road user.