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This information is now on the main site and is no longer being maintained on the archive site. (DJS 12/4/2019)

Ben Lefkowitz AwardBen Lefkowitz

The Lefkowitz award is a legacy created by the late Ben Lefkowitz. Ben was a very active member of Western Wheelers and a strong bicycle advocate. In his recognition, the city of Palo Alto named the Undercrossing of 101 at Adobe Creek (boundary of Palo Alto Baylands and Shoreline Park near East Meadow Drive) after him. Ben gave $5,000 in 1989 asking that proceeds from the funds be awarded each year to a deserving bicycle advocate in the Bay Area. Following are the awards that have been made.

Ben Lefkowitz awards:

  1. Ellen Fletcher
  2. Leo Moll
  3. Akos Szoboszlay
  4. Howard Meissner
  5. John Langbein
  6. Lisa Dondick (1/95 FT)
  7. Sequoia Committee—Scott Worthge, Hildy Licht (12/95 FT)
  8. Jim Mongillo (1/97 FT)
  9. Scott Mace & Ton Diskin (2/98 FT)
  10. Howard Shafer, Jacquette Ward & Dick Blaine (1/99 FT)
  11. Anne Ng (1/2000 FT)
  12. Don Burnett (1/2001 FT)
  13. Pete Blasberg (1/2002 FT)
  14. Steve Schmidt & Dani Weber (1/2003 FT)
  15. Alan Wachtel (1/2004 FT)
  16. (none)
  17. Mike Harding
  18. ?
  19. Yoriko Kishimoto
  20. Ellen Fletcher
  21. Jerri-Ann Meyer
  22. Mike Jacoubowsky
  23. Ralph Rohwer
  24. (none)
  25. (none)
  26. (none)
  27. Dianne Brien
  28. Robert Neff
  29. (none)
  30. Larry Dean

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